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DraftStoppa® Patent No 2010200396

Self-Seal Casing for Ceiling Exhaust Fans

The Australian Designed and Manufactured DraftStoppa®can save up to 30% on your heating & cooling costs.
"The DraftStoppa® - so what is it?"

The DraftStoppa® is an innovative and inexpensive self-seal cover for ceiling exhaust fans containing a set of balanced shutters which open when the fan is turned on and close under their own weight when the fan is turned off. This Australian designed and manufactured product is aimed at reducing energy costs by preventing hot or cold air from entering the home via the ceiling exhaust fan.

Made entirely from recyclable, fire retardant materials, the DraftStoppa is simple to install, requires little maintenance and can be fitted over most standard exhaust fans in new homes as well as being retro-fitted into established homes.

The DraftStoppa

  • Prevents hot or cold air entering from the roof cavity.
  • Prevents polluted air or cooking smells from entering into other parts of the home or workplace
  • Exceeds the Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria ‘First Rate’ energy rating performance level requirements for a totally self sealing exhaust fan.
  • Is economically priced and adapts to most major ceiling exhaust fans.
  • Fits most standard and 3 in 1 type ceiling exhaust fans.
  • Is simple to install and opens and closes effortlessly without loading-up your ceiling exhaust fan motor.
  • Is fully recyclable.

Please note: The DraftStoppa is not suitable for use with fans which are ducted through to the roof. Refer to DraftStoppa TopHat


Testing by Complex Air Conditioning Pty Ltd, and reviewed by the Victorian Sustainable Energy Authority, indicates that in areas where ceiling exhaust fans are in use this can give an energy saving of up to 30%

Test results concluded that in Winter conditions with an outside temperature of 1ºC and an average internal room (10m x 4m x 2.7m—volume 108m³ and an ambient internal temperature of 15.5ºC), the cold air inflow from the roof cavity through an unsealed fan into the room was measured at 13 litres / second.

This means that in every hour 46.8m³ of cold air would have entered the room and the total volume of warm air would be replaced every 2 hours and 20 minutes at a huge reheating cost.


Brochure (incl installation). PDF file 1.43 Meg click here
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I fitted one of your DraftStoppa units to our ensuite fan about 3 weeks ago. This bathroom used to get so hot I could hardly breathe in there, after fitting your DraftStoppa the same bathroom is much cooler. I am now saving for another unit for our main bathroom. The DraftStoppa certainly works.