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Wodonga Victoria 3689, Australia

About Us

Advantec was established in 1998 by David McGrath and Allan Pearce, to provide sales and marketing support to David’s agricultural company, Sustainable Agricultural Machinery Developments (SAM).

David is the inventor and manufacturer of the Permanent Raised Bed Management System which won him the Land newspaper Inventor of the Year at the Australian National Field Days in 1990.

David is also the inventor of the “original” DraftStoppa®, but it was put on the back burner until the drought hit rural Australia and as a part of a diversification of product lines, it was decided to fast track the development.

The DraftStoppa® is a self-seal casing for exhaust fans containing a patented mechanism with balanced flaps which open when the fan is on and close under their own weight when the fan is turned off. As well as preventing hot or cold air from entering the home, the DraftStoppa® also keeps out vermin, dust and odours while reducing energy costs.